Interactive Gene Explorer

Since almost 2 years I am working for a global Bio pharmaceutical company. Together with researchers, I am working on applications to analyze (sometimes big) data to find medicines for patients with serious and life-threatening diseases. As you can imagine, the work is confidential and […]

RStudio Connect installation

RStudio Connect (RSC) is a relatively new platform of RStudio. It is a place where you can share your Shiny applications, R Markdown reports, Plumber APIs, plots and more with your team and your users. It uses the push-button functionality from your local RStudio to deploy […]

Tutorial: Crypto dashboard in R shiny

Okay, let’s face it, the whole world has been into cryptocurrencies lately. Bitcoin (BTC), the first cryptocurrency (in fact, the first digital currency to solve the double-spend problem) introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto has become bigger than well-established companies.  A lot of crypto followers and investors […]