Visualizing mobile money metrics

Which countries do enable the adoption of Mobile Money the best?

About Mobile Money

Let’s start with the basics for everyone that is not familiar with mobile money. Mobile money is an electronic wallet service. It’s available in many countries and allows users to store, send, and receive money using their mobile phone. It’s especially popular in developing countries where (reliable) banks are not always available. The mobile money providers and the international development community have the ambition of achieving greater financial inclusion, financial empowerment and economic growth. To get insight into the current status of a region (e.g. country) certain metrics have been introduced. One of these metrics is the Regulatory Index score, which indicates to what extend a country its regulatory framework enables the adoption of mobile money.


To visualize these scores on a map, I have created a country heatmap (see below).  The country color indicates the score, where a dark green color indicates a high score. Thailand is doing very well with a score of 93, even though it has only 2 mobile money providers. There’s a country dropdown at the top, if you select a country the map will zoom to that country. Furthermore a tooltip and popover is available that contains extra (metric) information about the selected country.

The dashboard needed to render well in all major browsers like Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Just a couple of days before going live, we found out that the dashboard didn’t work in Internet Explorer. We needed to fix this issue. Why? The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is supporting this project and we can’t have a dashboard that is not working in IE for one of the founders of Microsoft! It was an easy fix, but it’s too bad that, even in 2018, we still need to write custom code to support certain browsers.

The visualization can be viewed live at the GSMA website

Mobile money