Catchment Area Research Dashboard

In healthcare, the catchment area is the area served by a hospital or medical centre. The Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey has one main goal: to help individuals fight cancer. More specific they are targetting cancer with precision medicine, immunotherapy and clinical trials next to providing advanced cancer care […]

CITO public analysis

CITO is an institute in the Netherlands that support governments and schools so that they can develop world-class testing and monitoring systems to complete their educational programs. They have a lot of data regarding testing scores and it could be interesting to combine this data […]

My Electricity Balance

Since the beginning of this year I have solar panels on the roof of my house. The electricity these are producing should be more than enough than I am currently using. I bought a bit more solar panels since I expect to have an electric […]

eRum lightning talk speaker

This week, the European R Users Meeting (ERUM) is happening. It’s a biennial conference that brings the R User Community together and this year it would be held in Milan. I am excited to give a lightning talk about “Reproducible Data Visualization with CanvasXpress”!

Praetorian Covid flexdashboard

Praetorian Covid is a clinical trial that is executed in the fight against covid-19. As you probably heard, there are many trials going on at this moment. On this clinical trials website you can find them. Praetorian Covid is executed by the Radboud University of […]

Interactive Gene Explorer

Since almost 2 years I am working for a global Bio pharmaceutical company. Together with researchers, I am working on applications to analyze (sometimes big) data to find medicines for patients with serious and life-threatening diseases. As you can imagine, the work is confidential and […]