Catchment Area Research Dashboard

In healthcare, the catchment area is the area served by a hospital or medical centre. The Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey has one main goal: to help individuals fight cancer. More specific they are targetting cancer with precision medicine, immunotherapy and clinical trials next to providing advanced cancer care […]

CITO public analysis

CITO is an institute in the Netherlands that support governments and schools so that they can develop world-class testing and monitoring systems to complete their educational programs. They have a lot of data regarding testing scores and it could be interesting to combine this data […]

My Electricity Balance

Since the beginning of this year I have solar panels on the roof of my house. The electricity these are producing should be more than enough than I am currently using. I bought a bit more solar panels since I expect to have an electric […]

eRum lightning talk speaker

This week, the European R Users Meeting (ERUM) is happening. It’s a biennial conference that brings the R User Community together and this year it would be held in Milan. I am excited to give a lightning talk about “Reproducible Data Visualization with CanvasXpress”!

Linear Regression with R

  You might have heard about linear regression and machine learning before. Basically linear regression is a simple statistics problem.  But what are the different types of linear regression and how to implement these in R? Introduction to Linear Regression Linear regression is an algorithm […]


REST APIs are everywhere around us. Software engineers use them to develop backend logic, and data scientists use them to deploy machine learning models. In this blog you’ll learn how to make a REST API with R and the plumber package. Introduction to REST APIs […]