My name is Ger Inberg, a Dutch data scientist with a background in software engineering.
Currently, I am working (remotely) as a freelance data scientist. Getting insights out of data is something that I really like. Data visualization and machine learning are some techniques that I am using to achieve this.
I am a big open source believer since I think with sharing solutions we can achieve a lot more as a community. Therefore I prefer to use R and python for my daily work.
I have a passion for (endurance) sports and healthy living and I would love to help you out if you have a project in those areas.

I have studied Telematics at the University of Twente with a minor in aerospace. In my master I have focussed on networks and distributed applications. This involved for example learning about RFC's, Quality of Service in a network, best software engineering practices and a lot of mathematics:-)
I learned Java programming, because of its advantages of usage in heteregeneous environments.
More recently, I have completed the Data Science track of Coursera. I always like to develop myself by either following an (online) course, by developing a new application or just asking a coworker about his development.
Data science is something that attracts me a lot, I think it is because of my curiosity of data and all the possibilities that are available to gain insights from that data! You don't always have to use hardcore concepts like deep learning to achieve that, my experience is that some plots can already give a 'aha' moment.

Sports and fundraising
In my free time, I like to exercise outdoors! At university I got into running and doing triathlons and I guess I got a little addicted to it. I also like to help people getting fit by working out. That's why I have been an ice-skating instructor at Duosport and been a swimming instructor to new triathletes at Hellas Triathlon.
Follow me on Strava for my current sport activities.
 In 2016 I ice-skated 200 km with Skate4air to raise money for people with Cystic fibrosis (CF) which was a great experience. I feel blessed that I can help, only if it's a tiny bit, to fight this disease and increase patient lives.

Data science is like cooking: a creative process