R commands page

What was the syntax again for ggplot or how can I read in a csv file with some delimiter? That’s why I have started a page collecting some handy R commands, see R commands It is not complete yet, but still under work. Let me […]

Analyzing the NYC Subway dataset

Currently I am following Udacity‘s data analyst course, which is really interesting. I have done some data analysis with R, but not so much with Python. Found out about Anaconda, which offers some great packages like numpy, pandas(ql) and scipy.  In project 2, the goal […]

Internet of Things developersday

Last week, I have been to the developersday in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. The theme of the meeting was Internet of Things. PKN has accounced it’s IOT academy today. Some interesting speakers and food for thought. The internet of things is not really new, it […]

Alternatieve elfstedentocht 2015

Waar ik al meerdere winters over dacht moest er nu maar eens van komen: het schaatsen van de alternatieve elfstedentocht op de Weissensee! De voorbereiding bestond uit wekelijks 2 keer schaatsen en daarnaast nog 2 keer hardlopen of fietsen. De week voor de tocht heb […]