Internet of Things developersday

Last week, I have been to the developersday in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. The theme of the meeting was Internet of Things. PKN has accounced it’s IOT academy today.
Some interesting speakers and food for thought. The internet of things is not really new, it is more an umbrella term for Ambient Intelligence, Ubiquitous Computing, Sensor Networks, Grid Computing, Service-oriented architectures and Mobile Communications to name a few
It is also mentioned a lot in combination with big data and data analysis because if we connect al those devices to the internet and put sensors in it, we will have a lot of data to process.
Why do we want to connect all our devices to the internet? There must be some added value for us (and not only feeding data to the big comppanies like google, facebook, etc)
A nice example of the added value of connected devices is the control of street lighting in Los Angeles by Philips

During they day it was also possible to do some workshops. I did a workshop to connect a temperature sensor to an arduino. By connecting the arduino to our labtop, we were able to display the temperature and humidity.