Periscope Upgrade – shinydashboardPlus

In one of my last blog posts I talked about Periscope which is an R package to assist with creating scalable shiny applications. Originally it was shipped with the standard shinydashboard package but recently I have upgraded it (CRAN) so it uses shinydashboardPlus. This last package offers some nice features like a right sidebar and the possibility to add inputs to the header bar. These are the main changes in the release:

Right sidebar

Many shiny apps are using the shinydashboard package which offers a left sidebar and next to it the main body of the application. When adding lots of inputs the sidebar can get full, so in some cases it’s convenient to have a right sidebar as well. A right sidebar is one of the nice features of the shinydashboardPlus package.

Reset button

The periscope package comes by default with a reset button. This button resets your application to the state at startup. Since it’s not useful for all apps, you can disable it now using the resetbutton parameter in the function create_new_application().

Periscope sample applications

Sample shiny application demonstrating the functionality of the periscope framework. This is very useful if you are starting with the periscope package and want to explore the functionality. The screenshot below is from a sample application with a right sidebar. See sample apps to view the apps live on the periscope server.

periscope upgrade