Transparent healthcare

A couple of weeks ago, the Dutch insurance company CZ released a list of treatments with its prices at various hospitals. This is quite unique, because till now the health sector is far from transparent. Hopefully this is part of a trend that will benefit patients in choosing the best hospital for their needs.
Based on the released pricelist, I have done some analysis. See below for the main points from this analysis or view the visualization I made.

Treatments with biggest difference in price

The top 3 treatments (in Dutch) with biggest price difference

  1. 1 of 2 dagbehandelingen of 6 of meer polikliniekbezoeken bij een huidaandoening met bultjes en schilfers (min =€183,87, max =€989,01, diff = €805,14)
  2. Begeleiding door IC-arts of intensivist van een patient die vervoerd wordt van de IC van het ene ziekenhuis naar de IC van een ander ziekenhuis, waarbij vervoer inclusief wachttijd ambulance, overdrac tarief (min =€205,19, max =€978,84, diff = €773,65)
  3. Medebehandeling door: een klinisch geriater (min =€166,67, max =€935,07, diff = €768,40)


Hospitals with (on average) the most/least expensive treatments

As seen in the last paragraph, the differences in price for a given treatment can be big. It is interesting to know which hospitals are the most expensive and which ones are the cheapest. However, a hospital can be expensive for a given treatment but cheap for another treatment. A reason for this could be that the hospital is specialized in certain treatments.

The top 3 hospitals (in Dutch) with on average the cheapest treatments. The price in brackets is the average amount below the average price for all treatments the hospital provides.

  1. Stichting Nederlands Kenniscentrum Arbeid & Longaandoeningen (€ 233,55)

  2. F.P.L. Van Loon ( € 184,09)

  3. St. Psoriasisdagbehandelingscentrum Midden-Nederland ( € 183,77)

And the top 3 hospitals (in Dutch) with on average the most expensive treatments.

  1. Epilepsie Centrum Kempenhaeghe (€ -247,80)

  2. Stichting Beste Zorg (nok Brunssum) ( € -218,30)

  3. Diabeter B.V. ( € -127,58)