Aggregating spatial data with marker clusters

For an Australian client I have developed an interactive map where they are able to see their Financial Planners & Accountants. Because there are a lot of employers that need to be displayed on the map, some clustering is practical. I have decided to use […]

US airline delays

US airline delays

For my visualization project at Udacity’s dataanalyst nanodegree I have chosen to use airline traffic data.  I have a particular interest in flying (did my minor in aerospace) so I was curious about what data I could use regarding flying. The Bureau of Transportation Statistics provides all […]

Climate impact application

About ClimPACT2 ClimPACT2 is an R software package that calculates the ET-SCI indices, as well as additional climate extremes indices. It directly incorporates the R climdex.pcic package (available on CRAN) to perform most of the calculations. Climdex.pcic is available thanks to the efforts of the […]

Digital nomads

Digital nomad cities in the world

Digital nomads are people that use technology in order to work remotely and live an independent and nomadic lifestyle. Nomadlist finds the best cities in the world for digital nomads. Based on their data, I have plotted the cities on a map. Clicking on a […]

Data quality dashboard

Data quality dashboard

I have worked for a while at Delta Lloyd in the Data Quality team where I was responsible for the data engineering and data analysis part.  I consisted of developing an ETL pipeline and performing analysis of the business data. To quickly get insights about the data quality, I […]

Life expectancy

Life expectancy of female vs male

Aren’t we all curious how old we are going to be? And in which country people tend to get really old? The World Health Organization has published their 2015 data about life expectancy. Life expectancy equals the average number of years a person born in a given […]

Visualizing all speed skating medalists at the Winter Olympics

Speed skating is one of my favorite sports to practice and to watch. This winter the Winter Olympics will be held in PyeongChang, South-Korea. Will the Dutch be as dominant as they were in Sochi? That will be a big challenge. Since I was curious about […]

Windless speed

Windless speed

(Dutch project for sportdatavalley) Rondje Schoonhoven is een fietsronde in de omgeving van Schoonhoven en Lopik. Kenmerkend aan deze ronde is dat het om het weerstation Cabauw is. De windsnelheid en windrichting data is afkomstig van het KNMI. Deze dataset bevat locatie en snelheid gegevens […]

Ice skating challenge weissensee

Data analysis of the Weissensee challenge

In 2015 I have participated in an ice skating event in Austria, called the “Alternatieve Elfstedentocht”. Because I was interested in the results of previous years, I have done some analysis, after scraping the results from the Weissensee website. Data analysis

Dutch weather institute

Dutch weather institute

I have worked on the data portal of the Dutch weather institute called KNMI. I have mainly done the backend work like integration with MongoDB, accessing and publishing webservices and making data available in a GIS. KNMI Data Portal